Amsterdam in a Box Christmas hampers are official!

We are proud to announce that Amsterdam in a Box became a fact on August 1, 2019! After months of preparation, the result is finally visible. So what have we done in recent months? We have been busy collecting the nicest and tastiest Amsterdam products and putting them together as Christmas packages for you. As a result, you, your employees and business relations will soon have the most original Amsterdam Christmas packages.

Another nice option is the possibility to personalize the gifts. That is no problem for us either. We are happy to arrange it.

Would you like to know more or would you like to put together and order your own Christmas package? Please contact us. We are always there for you and happy to help you.

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Amsterdam borrelboxes

Everything you need to know about organizing an online Vrijmibo and discover how you can surprise your team with an Amsterdam Borrelbox.

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