Amsterdam partners in the spotlight

We would not exist without our important Amsterdam partners. We are very happy with the collaborations and that is why we would like to put them in the spotlight. We did this every Thursday morning via Instagram and Facebook. An additional partner was presented with full pride on these mornings. This resulted in a well-filled agenda in which a lot of time and attention was put into a post. And what was it worth... By helping each other we are strong together!

In total, almost 20 partners were put in the spotlight via Facebook and Instagram. From Amsterdam breweries to Potverdorie jam. In addition, the delicious home-made likorretes from Liqueurmeisjes are of course indispensable. The picture shows all our partners in 2019 and early 2020 in one overview. Are you curious about the new partners or would you like to discover the stories of Amsterdam entrepreneurs in an overview? Then visit this one page.

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Amsterdam borrelboxes

Everything you need to know about organizing an online Vrijmibo and discover how you can surprise your team with an Amsterdam Borrelbox.

Make your own liqueur!

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Partners in het zonnetje Amsterdam

Amsterdam partners in the spotlight

We are very happy with our partners and that is why we like to put them in the spotlight. Result: A partner was proudly presented every Thursday morning.