Drinks boxes for the Online Vrijmibo!

The Friday afternoon drinks at the office are increasingly coming into view. Do you, like other companies in Amsterdam, therefore also want to make an unforgettable impression with the online Vrijmibo? Then don't wait too long and go big by surprising your toppers with an Amsterdam Borrelbox!

Drink boxes

We have put together several Amsterdam Borrelboxes especially for you. So there is always something great for everyone! For example, if you are looking for a small gift with specialty beers, then the Specials Box is perfect. If you also want your team to have something to eat during online drinks, the Leidse Box is a good choice.


Limited Edition

Due to the high demand for an extra heart under the belt and a cheese in the Borrelbox, we decided to approach the nicest cheese in the Netherlands: SayCheeseToday. This enabled us to set up a temporary collaboration with them. The cheese is packed in a box with a heartwarming message: Things will get better! Together with two specialty beers, a wine cocktail and a liqueur made from fresh fruit, this is a delicious Borrelbox from Amsterdam. 

Luxury Drinks Box

If you want to go all out during the online Vrijmibo, we have good news for you. We also have a very luxurious Amsterdam Borrelbox: Andreas Box. From delicious snacks, such as Tortilla chips and sauce from El*Jefe and dried sausage from Brandt & Levi, to specialty beers and wine from Amsterdam. Tinto's wine cocktail should also not be missing in the Andreas Box. With this Box you can be sure that you will make an unforgettable impression on your team!

5 practical tips and you're all set!

Do you have an online Friday afternoon snack with your team this Friday? Then we are happy to help you on your way with a few practical tips. Tip 1: Come up with a nice theme. Will it be a Dutch, Mexican, white or business theme? Tip 2: Make sure everyone starts well prepared and that they have installed the necessary software (Skype, Zoom). Tip 3: Use the 'mute' button when someone is not talking to avoid noise. Tip 4: Come up with something fun to do. From an online quiz to storytelling cards. But also have pleasant conversations. Tip 5 (and this should not be missing): Make sure that everyone really has something to drink! This way you know that the Friday afternoon snack is guaranteed to be a success.