Who we are, what we do and especially why.

After starting the 'in a Box' concept in Alkmaar in 2018, we noticed as true import Amsterdammers that the appreciation and fame of the local delicacy in the capital was not much better. The average tourist manages to get hold of a local product here and there, but the 'Dutch-Amsterdammer' really doesn't get far than a piece of Old Amsterdam or a locally brewed beer.

After a few weeks of brainstorming and doing some research here and there, we knew, here too we are going to build something unique around the local delicacies. A unique Box filled with all kinds of local products, all made by local entrepreneurs!

One by one we went to all the local shops, entrepreneurs and hobbyists to get the best of the best, to find out what was available at all. And what turned out? Amsterdam had much more beautiful things to offer than we thought possible.

No other party brought attention to these local heroes, so we took on that task.

The Boxes are mainly sold to companies that use them as Christmas gifts and promotional gifts. In this way most people, from inside and outside the city, come into contact with an essential part of our local economy and society.
And to this day we are working on bringing something positive to everyone: the local entrepreneurs an extra sales market, the recipient of the Boxes a moment of happiness when they see all those goodies and the companies an alternative to the impersonal and standard Christmas packages and business gifts.


Amsterdam in a Box


Our Golden Circle


Check out our other cities too!

We believe that everyone deserves to be able to get their 'City' in a Box. That's why we currently offer Rotterdam in a Box and Alkmaar in a Box . This gives you the chance to hand out the coolest gift in the world in these cities too!