Because there are so many cool, traditional food and drink products in Amsterdam, you will soon be able to give the most original, personal and Amsterdam gift! We are extremely grateful that the entrepreneurs also offer their beautiful products in a Box in Amsterdam. Working together to put Amsterdam's taste on the map. Good for the city and even better for the range of local and artisanal products! Discover more about these passionate entrepreneurs below.  

The entrepreneurs of Potverdorie thought food waste was no longer possible and came up with a creative solution for the “discarded” fruit. They put the fruit together in a jar and process it as jam to give the discarders a new chance. And damn it, it's delicious!

Together with the Kenyan farmers, The Ketchup Project came up with a plan: drying the tomatoes to make ketchup. This project also prevents food waste and yields 20x more for the farmers than when they sell the fresh tomatoes on the local market. The extra earnings are then invested together with the farmers in agricultural improvements and essential developments of the Kenyan community.

With simple ingredients such as sugar, water and glucose they make the most beautiful creations from Papabubble. The special and fun thing about this is that all the candy is still made with their own hands! The candy artists create the most colorful works of art at the work table in the middle of the store.

Real tea can add a special moment to an ordinary day. Thanks to Senza Tea, everyone can now enjoy it everywhere. In addition, that moment also contributes to a fairer food chain and the limitation of waste!

The concept of ArtiChoc is very pure; working exclusively with the very best quality raw materials, omitting sugar as much as possible and with a good dose of passion and creativity, it cannot fail. In short, DELICIOUS!

Making real chocolate is simply the most beautiful and tastiest thing there is! Chocolate Makers is the only Dutch chocolate company that controls every link in the chain. This allows them to do everything as sustainably as possible. In addition, they buy high-quality organic cocao directly from the farmers in Congo, Peru and the Dominican Republic for a good & fair price.

Amsterdam even has its own salsa and tortilla chips. El*Jefe is named after the person whose name nobody actually knows. As a child he was already making tortillas for an orphanage, until a volcanic eruption took place. You can read what happened next on the website of El*Jefe… 🙂

The entrepreneur Simone van Thull loves to eat, cook and ferment. Cooking from the ground up, with a preference for simple, humble ingredients, enriched with pickled seasonings and ferments. The wonderful world of fermentation is endless, healthy and mighty interesting. But above all delicious!

Gin Mayo was founded by the seafood/gin restaurant Mossel & Gin. Because the cooks actually lacked the ideal sauce for the mussels, they started experimenting. After many attempts and feedback, they were sure; the perfect sauce has been found. Delicious with mussels and even better on bread or with the deep fryer.

Brandt & Levie was founded by three chefs with a mission: to inspire people to eat better meat. That is why they learned the profession of sausage maker and started their own sausage factory. In addition, they only work with well-reared pigs. These are own pigs that grow up with friendly farmers and organic pigs from Dutch soil.

We at Amterdam in a Box are very happy that we have found the nicest and most delicious stroopwafel shop in Amsterdam. Van Wonderen Stroopwafels is the specialist in the field of stroopwafels. In addition, they are an international hit on social media and their shop is a real eye-catcher. Order their delicious stroopwafels via an Amsterdam in a Box!

Have you tried wine from Amsterdam yet? Chateau Amsterdam is the first city winery in the Netherlands. The grapes come from Europe and the wine is then made in Amsterdam. We at Amsterdam in a Box have tried all the wines ourselves and they are truly delicious! Ideal to give to, for example, staff or a business relation at Christmas.

Willem's Wermoed is the first Dutch vermouth inspired by and from the botanical garden Hortus Botanicus. This centuries-old medicinal garden has more than 6000 native trees and plants and was founded by the municipality of Amsterdam. Willem's Wermoed was the Silver Quality medal winner at the IWSC 2016 with the Premium Dutch Vermouth.

The entrepreneur Petra de Koning has been making homemade liqueurs for years. With a love for Italy she started making her own liqueurs. With an alcohol percentage below 15% you can easily have a second drink without feeling guilty! We from Amsterdam in a Box have already found our favorite liqueur, have you?

De Prael stands for so much more than just beer. Thirteen years ago, the plan got off the ground to combine working with people with a distance to the labor market with brewing beer. One works seven days, the other seven minutes, but everyone is part of the same big family. Working with people and with beer has turned out to be a golden combination. Discover a specialty beer through an Amsterdam in a Box.

The entrepreneurs Sebastiaan (the brewer) and Pieter (the connector) have one mission; give you the best beer in the world. They do this in all kinds of creative ways and they even have a very playful truck with an open roof. And the best part is that they also win prizes with their specialty beers. We definitely recommend it!

Brewery De 7 Deugden originated from the idea of helping people with disabilities. At De 7 Deugden they don't ask what is wrong with people, but what they can do. To be vulnerable it takes courage and let that happen to be the starting point; BRAVE BEER MAKING! Would you like to taste such a brave beer? Don't forget to stop at the box!

The colorful and artful Oedipus is focused on creating unique flavors to make you feel great. Where it started in a small Amsterdam kitchen, it has grown into a full-fledged brewery and they are one of the largest among the smaller breweries. They also make all kinds of other beautiful things, such as art, music and food.

At Amsterdam Tinto they love life. Combining their passion for creating, sharing and enjoying life has resulted in something special: a wine cocktail with only first class ingredients. In addition, the entrepreneurs believe that pleasure in life is multiplied when you share it. Therefore also share an Amsterdam Tinto wine cocktail by using a real Amsterdam package from Amsterdam in a Box!