Become a partner

You can! We do focus on Amsterdam food and drink products. That is why, for example, a book by an Amsterdam writer will not fit our concept. 

Does the product also fit well with our concept? Beautiful! It is most convenient if you inform them about our concept so that they can contact us.

To cover some costs, such as new product photos, we ask a one-time €50,- if you have officially become a new partner.

It costs no money to remain a partner. In fact, it only pays off!

We focus on Amsterdam food and drink products to collect in our boxes. We also prefer partners with a good story and a social contribution.

We cannot guarantee that you will become a partner. We are already very happy with our current partners and offer. In addition, there are many processes involved in adding a partner. But don't let this discourage you! We know from experience that we often return to potential partners with new ideas for compositions.

The biggest advantage of being an Amsterdam in a Box partner is of course more brand awareness. This is done through both our social media channels and selling channels. Another big advantage is a higher sales of your product. A network and connecting (local) entrepreneurs is also part of our concept.

Because our profit is in the margins of the products, it is an important condition for us that there are B2B price agreements. This makes us more interesting for companies in terms of our prices, which in turn results in greater sales. Another mini-condition is that we really strengthen each other. An example of this could be a blog post on the website or a nice piece via your own social media channels.

When a customer orders from us, we immediately contact the relevant partners to prepare the order. In this we indicate the quantities per product and we discuss a moment to have the products delivered to us.

In general, we have an agreement that the products will be delivered to us. It is often not physically feasible to collect all products. If we are in the area, we can always coordinate to pick up the products ourselves.

That is often no problem at all. We are aware of the fact that we work with local entrepreneurs and are happy to look for an alternative product for the customer.